Who we Are

We are young people with disabilities coming from all over Europe representing either a national entity or a European organisation.

We are dynamic, full of ideas and willing to change the world ( or at least Europe). We think that young people with disabilities should be more active and believe in their potential to fully exercise their rights. To make sure this happens, we are committed to be your voice within the disability movement as well as within the youth movement and insure the link between these two movements. Thus, we are sure to accomplish our mission. Each year we choose a set of priorities and via projects, activities and giving input to EDF’s policy work, we strive to achieve them. But we cannot accomplish this big task alone. Among our partners, such as youth organisations and networks, the most important is our wide youth network and thus you, each young person with disability. Help us to be more visible.

The Members of the Youth Committee are: 

Ovidiu Tuduruta (Chair of the Youth Committee)

"I am from Romania and I represeent Social Firms Europe (CEFEC)."

Sidsel Munkebo (Vice Chair of the Youth Committee)

"I am from Denmark and represent the European Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People (EFHOF)."

Agnieska Bal

"I am from Poland and I am representing the Polish Disability Forum."

Erika Becerra

"I am from Italy and I am representing Autism Europe."

Mathieu Chatelin

"I am from France and I represent Cerebral Palsi Europe."

Sèrge Mabally

"I am from France and I am representing the French Council of Persons with Disabilities."