Rail Passengers Rights – Why the pre-notification period for PRM assistance has to be lowered

After sharing EDF's  position paper with proposed amendments for the revision of the Rail Passengers' Rights Regulation (1371/2007) with you, we would like to go into more detail on Articles 22 and 24 and why pre-notification for assistance needs to be lowered. Also, assistance must be available at all times that passenger rail services operate. It cannot be limited to certain business hours as this is discriminating against persons with disabilities.

  1. Independent mobility is a right under Article 20 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities that has been ratified by all EU Member States and the EU itself. This is a legal obligation and all revised EU legislation must implement the provisions of the Convention.
  2. Many Member States have already completely abolished pre-notification or at least lowered it significantly:
  • Spain, for example, has abolished pre-notification in 68 stations and reduced pre-notification times to 12 hours in the remaining stations that serve long- and medium distance services.
  • The Netherlands has a pre-notification period of 1 hour for all stations
  • In Belgium, the pre-notification period is lowered to 3 hours in 41 stations and 24 hours to the remaining 132 stations.


This proves that it is not impossible and other Member States should follow their examples!

For further questions don’t hesitate to contact Marie Denninghaus, EDF Policy Coordinator:: marie.denninghaus@edf-feph.org