Online Workshop "Rolling Out Accessibility"

Thursday, October 29, 2020 - 16:00

An EDF workshop without much policy involved.

The COVID-19 pandemic inevitably boosted use of technology. Since the onset of the pandemic, online tools and technology-based services played a growing role in many of our lives. Persons with disabilities were by no means an exception. Although barriers remain, preventing equal access to the whole range of products and services available, accessibility is increasing. This helped persons with disabilities cope with the current situation. The aim of this online workshop is to present a range of popular online tools and services and explain how accessible they are for persons with disabilities. We will talk about accessibility in technology supporting remote working, education, public services and communication. We will also look at technology’s role to help us stay in touch with friends, entertain us and relax! Oh, and we may also mention some policy stuff, but only a little bit this time…

We will have speakers from Facebook, Microsoft, the European Broadcasting Union, G3ICT and “Can I play that?” (yes, we will talk about accessible videogames!).

Download the Concept Note and Agenda here.

Facebook and Microsoft are proud to sponsor this European Disability Forum Workshop.

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The webinar will provide International Sign interpretation and captioning.

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