European Elections 2019

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EDF is working actively to assure that the upcoming European Parliament elections are inclusive of persons with disabilities.

The elections will take place in May 2019 and we are already holding meetings with the political parties and working on a strong communication campaign.

You can learn more about the actions of the campaign below.


EDF Manifesto

View of the delegates during the European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities

Delegates to the 4th European Parliament of Persons with Disabilities adopted a Manifesto with the key demands of the European Disability Movement for the election campaign:

  • Fully accessible and inclusive European elections
  • A comprehensive European Disability Strategy 2020-2030
  • EU Funding to secure equal opportunities and non-discrimination
  • A European Pillar of Social Rights which improves the living conditions of persons with disabilities and their families
  • An accessible Europe
  • A Europe of Human Rights


Read the full manifesto here

"European Elections for All" petition

Older woman in wheelchair facing stairs leading to a voting station

Millions of Europeans with disabilities are deprived of their right to vote and participate in elections. We want them to have it by May 2019.

We call on the governments and electoral commissions of the EU Member States to ensure that 80 million Europeans are able to have their private vote!


Sign the petition


10 reasons to vote


 “The EU? They are only bureaucrats. Why should I vote for them?” A question (statement?) that we are used to hearing again and again.

It is not true. The EU has a big impact in the lives of persons with disabilities. It has several initiatives that have directly improved, or that have led EU countries to improve, the lives of persons with disabilities.

The next elections for the European Parliament will take place 23-26 May (depending on the country).

Read ten reasons on why you should go and vote.


Pledge "EU for Disability Rights"

Plenary of the European Parliament during the session with persons with disabilities

We are asking candidates to the European Parliament Elections to formally sign the text "EU for Disability Rights", where they can show their commitment to a Europe that advances our rights 

Read and fill the pledge


Voters of Europe

Three photos of persons with disabilities: man in wheelchair, blind woman, woman behind desk

Persons with disabilities vote. This is a series of online testimonies with the real voting experiences of persons around Europe.

You can see all the stories here.

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Accessible campaigns for elections

Two men working on real time captioning devices during an event. Screen with real time captions in the background.

Thousands of candidates will run their own elections campaigns in the next months. 

These campaigns need to be accessible to persons with disabilities if candidates want to secure their vote. 

This is why we prepare an "accessible campaigns for elections" manual

Read the manual here


Good practices in elections

EU Flag and Flags of the Member States

Photo copyright: European Commission


Our good practices hub collects studies, examples and reports on political participation from persons with disabilities. 

Explore the hub