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  • AGE PLATFORM "AGE strongly supports EDF Freedom of movement campaign, an initiative that is fully in line with AGE's objective to achieve an age-friendly European Union by 2020 and with the aim of the upcoming European Year 2012 for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations which seeks to foster older people's active participation in society and promote independent living in old age."
  • AIRPORT'S COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL "ACI EUROPE is delighted to support this campaign, rooted as it is in one of the most fundamental European rights – the Free movement of people. European airports are already heavily engaged in ensuring facilitation of passengers with reduced mobility, part of our contribution to building a more inclusive European society."
  • MR ANTONIO CANCIAN, MEP (EPP, ITALY) "The reason why I decided to support this campaign is multifaceted. My support is the direct consequence of the positive collaboration I had with EDF while drafting the regulation on passengers' rights in bus and coach transport. Thanks to EDF, that gave me a better knowledge and understanding of the barriers faced by persons with disabilities, I decided to support the Freedom of movement campaign. I believe that this initiative needs our support in order to allow everybody to enjoy the same rights."
  • CENTRE FOR DISABILITY LAW & POLICY, NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, GALWAY "The Centre for Disability Law & Policy at the National University of Ireland, Galway is proud to support this initiative from the European Disability Forum.  European citizenship is in danger of becoming a mockery unless genuine Freedom of movement is assured to all citizens including those with disabilities.  And our much vaunted European social model only invites cynicism, unless it extends tangible support to make citizenship rights real for all.  We salute EDF for taking this initiative and for being, as always, to the forefront in making the dream of a borderless Europe of benefit to all."
  • CENTRE FOR DISABILITY STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS "Freedom of movement is essential to the exercise of European citizenship rights for all, yet this fundamental right is denied to many because of physical, social and administrative barriers that can be changed. The evidence collected by researchers at Leeds has consistently shown this and many of our past students have gone on to challenge such barriers with that knowledge. Although research and education carried out in Universities can contribute to policy evidence and to raising awareness, the disabled people’s movement remains the vital energy and force from which greater freedom and change can be advanced in Europe. We wish you every success in your campaign." Dr Alison Sheldon and Professor Mark Priestley
  • CENTRO REGIONALE DI INFORMAZIONE SUL BENESSERE AMBIENTALE "CRIBA ER supports the Freedom of movement campaign launched by EDF. A serious effort is needed to dismantle all the barriers that impede the mutual recognition of disability benefits and to assure the right to Free movement, particularly for persons with disabilities.

    Considering the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRIBA ER believes in the principle of liberty of movement and in the right of persons with disabilities to participate in society on equal terms and basis with other citizens. CRIBA ER supports the right to provide and receive services in another State, the right to move, live, travel, work, study, purchase goods and services and access to any kind of information.
    A wide support of the campaign will signify another important step for spreading an inclusive culture, based on values of active participation, accessibility and human rights.''

  • DESIGN FOR ALL "We want to offer our support to the new campaign launched by EDF and their Freedom Guide, since we have always considered it essential to assess the current situation with regards to Freedom of movement for people with functional limitations. This will help us to identify ways to achieve Free movement for anybody, regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity or ability, and so be able to participate on an equal basis in social, economic, cultural and leisure activities, as well as use and understand any part of the environment with the greatest possible independence."
  • DISABILITY INTERGROUP "Disability transcends political boundaries! In order to become European citizens it is enough for us to change our outlook, but if we want to change the way European society thinks we need a lot of people to join us in looking at things differently. For me, Europe can only be considered complete when it includes people with disabilities as well!" Mr Ádám Kósa, MEP, President of the Disability Intergroup
  • EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF SERVICE PROVIDERS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES "EASPD fully supports EDF's campaign 'Freedom of movement' as persons with disabilities still cannot fully enjoy their Freedom of movement and have difficulties accessing mainstream goods and services, under the same conditions as any other EU citizen. EASPD believes in the equalization of opportunities for people with disabilities through effective and high quality service systems. Therefore EASPD calls for provisions granting the right to access support services for people with disabilities. These services should be made available and accessible for all who need them, and provisions should be taken to promote the training and professional development of staff working with people with disabilities so as to better provide the assistance and services needed for people to enjoy their rights fully (see Article 4, (1.i) UN Convention)."
  • EUROPEAN CONCEPT FOR ACCESSSIBILITY "The European Concept for Accessibility Network – EuCAN – supports the Freedom of movement campaign because the fundamental basis of a European philosophy for accessibility is the recognition, acceptance and fostering - at all levels in society - of the rights of all human beings, including people with activity limitations." Mr Silvio Sagramola, Coordinator.
  • EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR ACCESSIBLE TOURISM "The European Network for Accessible Tourism (ENAT) applauds EDF Freedom of movement campaign and is pleased to give its support to EDF's demands for equal access to goods and services and the recognition of disability entitlements across national boundaries. By joining EDF campaign, we are saying to all tourist destinations and businesses: Make yourselves accessible to disabled visitors and they will come!"
  • EUROPEAN PLATFORM FOR REHABILITATION "EPR holds the view that people with disabilities, in each EU Member State should receive, without any obstacles, the services they need and are entitled to. Service providers and their professionals have, in this respect, a responsibility to support and inform people with disabilities of the existing opportunities.
    EPR also believes that a sector-specific European quality label for disability-related health and social services will guarantee a satisfactory quality to people with disabilities that make use of such services in another country, and allow them to make an informed choice of service provider.” Mr Jan Spooren, Secretary General
  • EUROPEAN WOMEN’S LOBBY "While many advances have been made over the past decades, equality between women and men is still a far cry from reality in the EU today. Women’s rights are still lacking in many areas of their lives: freedom to live a violence-free life; freedom to earn the same salary as men; freedom to live a dignified life; freedom to care for and be cared; freedom to share political decision-making with men. For women with disabilities, these barriers are more entrenched and that is why the European Women's Lobby (EWL), in solidarity with all women, supports the EDF Freedom of movement campaign.
    Together we can make a gender difference.”  Mr Brigitte Triems, EWL President
  • FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE "The FIA's guiding principle is to ensure safe, affordable and clean mobility for all. Mobility is one of the most important pre-conditions to social inclusion as it enables citizens to remain independent and active in their local communities. Bearing this in mind, we compiled a comprehensive online Guide on parking concessions for disabled drivers to foster mobility. We fully support EDF Freedom of movement campaign: in our view, persons with disabilities should face no additional burdens in their day to day mobility." Mr Christian Scholly, Chairman of the Legal & Consumer Working Group
  • IMPROVING SEAMLESS ENERGY-EFFICIENT MOBILITY CHAINS FOR ALL "ISEMOA supports EDF Freedom of movement campaign, since the ISEMOA project aims to improve accessibility of public spaces, public transport and day-to-day services for all people - Accessibility of the whole transport chain is a precondition for greater mobility for all."
  • MAASTRICHT CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS "The European Union is now a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It is vital that people with disabilities are able to enjoy the full range of rights guaranteed by the UN Convention and EU law. The Maastricht Centre for Human Rights supports EDF's campaign, which draws attention to barriers hampering the exercise of some of those rights."
  • ONCE FOUNDATION "The mobility of any citizen, whatever their functional capacity, is a right." Mr Jesus Hernandez, Director Accesibilidad universal
SOCIAL PLATFORM "Social Platform supports EDF Freedom of movement campaign as it complies with two main objectives of our work:
  • Enforcing fundamental rights for all in society to remove barriers to inclusion: unless goods and services are not fully accessible for people with disabilities and the existing barriers to the built environment, transport, education, employment, social security etc persist, people with disabilities will not have the possibility to enjoy their right to work, study, visit and move to another country;
  • Guaranteeing access to quality and affordable services which are universally accessible: we advocate for the EU and Member States to amend existing legislation or adopt new laws or other measures to ensure the right to access to services of general economic interest enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (art. 36) for all, including people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion."