Our actions on EU Budget Post 2020

We are taking several actions to ensure that the next EU Budget fully benefits persons with disabilities, including:

  • Analysing all aspects of the budget from the point of view of persons with disabilities
  • Develop common position of the European Disability Movement to outline our priorities and expectations in relation to EU funding.
  • Meeting with key EU decision makers to explain our priorities to them.
  • Cooperation with our partners. In this way we speak with a louder voice- we also ensure that wider civil society networks understand an incorporate the concerns of persons with disabilities.
  • Raising awareness of the reasons for, and the importance of, including persons with disabilities in the EU budget.

Statements and actions taken

  • We sent a joint letter to Members of the European Parliament regarding the Connecting Europe Facility, which funds European transport, energy and digital infrastructure. The letter was sent together with AGE Platform Europe, EPF, European Passengers’ Federation and CER, the Community of European Railway and infrastructure companies.

  • We joined  a common statement of Civil Society Europe on the future Multiannual Financial Framework, to promote an EU budget that is positive for civil society.
  • We are involved in several taskforces with Civil Society Europe, Social Platform and other NGOs.

As a member of the European Expert Group on the Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care:

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