On World Book Day 2018, still more than 95% of the books are not accessible.

23 April 2018

Full implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty is essential to end the “book famine”

The Marrakesh Treaty is an intellectual property treaty that allows authorized entities to share their accessible books collection across borders. By allowing organisations to share accessible books without breaking copyright laws, it takes a great step towards ending the “book famine”, caused by a lack of accessible books for visually impaired persons.

While we are happy the EU ratified the Treaty, we are still waiting for it to be deposited at World Intellectual Property Organization. This deposit is essential for the Treaty to be enforced. This can only be done if all EU Member States implement the treaty in national laws.

The last to do so was Spain. On Saturday 14th April, the law transposing the Marrakesh Treaty was published in the official journal, and the good news, is that no remuneration and no commercial availability clauses are mentioned. This means that books can freely be shared to Spain at no extra cost.

We hope that the remaining EU countries follow suit.

You can read more about the Marrakesh Treaty int the Ratification and Implementation Campaign webpage from World Blind Union

You can also read the very complete guide to the Marrakech Treaty prepared by the European Blind Union

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