A historical day for the Disability Movement worldwide: The International Disability Alliance becomes a legal entity

7 June 2013

7th of June is a historical day for the disability movement worldwide: The International Disability Alliance (IDA) has been legally incorporated following its constitutive General Assembly in Geneva. EDF is proud of being a founding member of IDA and of currently chairing its governing body.

The legal incorporation of IDA is an important decision that should further strengthen the organisation, its members and will result in a better respect and protection of the human rights of persons with disabilities worldwide.

The twelve member organisations of IDA joined today to establish the new legally incorporated International Disability Alliance. IDA was created in 1999 as an alliance of then 5 global DPOs. IDA played a key role in the negotiation process of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) and its members were key players within the International Disability Caucus (IDC). During this process IDA opened up its membership to regional DPOs, four of which are now members together with now eight global DPOs.

Two years ago, the members of IDA decided to initiate the process towards legal incorporation by setting up a working group that was in charge of leading this process.

“The legal incorporation of the International Disability Alliance is an important milestone in the process of strengthening the organization, ensuring its sustainable development and will result undoubtedly also in the further strengthening of its member organisations. IDA has made huge progress in these last three years in terms of its advocacy work at global level, and has also developed very much its capacity to provide technical assistance to national DPOs, in particular from the Global South. Legal incorporation is a natural development in this process”, said Yannis Vardakastanis, Chair of IDA and EDF President.

The first Board meeting of the legally incorporated IDA will be held in New York on July 13-15, the days before the Civil Society CRPD Forum and the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD.

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