Future President of the Commission, what will you do for 80 million Europeans with disabilities?

30 April 2014

EDF has addressed the leading candidates nominated by the European poltical parties as candidates for the presidency of the European Commission:

  • Jean Claude Juncker (EPP),
  • Martin Schulz (Socialist),
  • Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE),
  • Ska Keller/José bové (Greens) and
  • Alexis Tsipras (European Left).

In a joint action with some of its national members, EDF has sent them 5 key questions based on EDF manifesto, asking them to outline their vision and their plans for persons with disabilities in Europe, but also to make commitments for action in five areas:

  1. The protection of persons with disabilities from the crisis
  2. The implementation of the UN CRPD
  3. The removal of discriminations concerning the right to vote and to be elected
  4. Making the EU single market accessible to persons with disabilities
  5. Ensuring the involvement of persons with disabilities in decisions that concern them

Find the 5 key questions here!

EDF will disseminate widely these questions and the answers of the candidates in the EU media, as well as through its membership, providing accessible formats of the candidates' answers for persons with disabilities.


In Europe, there are 80 million citizens with disabilities representing 16% of the overall EU population. The European elections campaign is a unique opportunity for candidates to make strong commitments to concrete changes aiming to ensure that European citizens with disabilities fully enjoy their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

The European disability movement campaigns for inclusion!

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