Human Rights and Non-Discrimination Committee

What is the Human Rights and Non-Discrimination Committee?

The Human Rights and Non Discrimination Committee ensures that national and European leaders are closely involved in, and are fully informed about our work on human rights, equality, non-discrimination and especially on the United Nations Convention onf the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD); It also provides a platform during and between meetings to exchange information and good practices on implementation of the UN CRPD, other international human rights treaties such as UNConvention on the Elimination of Discrimination of Women and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and equality legislation at the national level.

EDF Human Rights and Non-Discrimination Committee meets twice a year, each time before EDF Board meetings. In this way, the Committee feeds into the work of the Board by providing its expertise on human rights and equality from both national, European and UN perspective.

Current work

The Committee is currently support EDF's Secretariat in drafting the 3rd European Human Rights Report on equality and non discrimnation. This report will gather, analyse and publish information from EU and Member States on equality and non-discrimination including most marginalised persons with disabilities (women, children, older people, LGBTI, refugees, homeless people etc). The report will also be drafted in close cooperation with non-discrimination experts and build knowledge on multiple discrimination.