Disability advocates project

Protecting the Human Rights of persons with disabilities implies developing the necessary tools to take action when discrimination happens.

Between 2004 and 2006, the EDF Greek member organisation NCDP (National Confederation of the Disabled People of Greece) has implemented a project entitled “Activists and advocates – disability rights training programme (AADRTP)”. EDF was closely associated to the development of this project.

The aim of this project, financed from the EU Action Programme on non discrimination, was to train disability activists and advocates in the EU, Iceland and Norway, Bulgaria, and Romania so that they are better able to take action to combat discrimination and to promote the equal rights of disabled people. The training has focused on rights-based legislation deriving from EU legislation (in particular the framework employment directive); Member States’ constitutions and national laws; and international Conventions.

The Project Objectives

  • to strengthen the capacity of disabled people in the EU, Iceland and Norway, to effectively address discrimination.
  • to prepare and provide training material and empowering information to be used by disabled people at national and local level;
  • to promote the exchange of best practices throughout the EU, Iceland and Norway, on how to combat discrimination;
  • to support the dissemination of information about disability rights and non discrimination;
  • to promote dialogue and networking between disability activists and advocates for an effective monitoring on the implementation of non-discrimination rights and measures;
  • to enable disability activists and advocates to play a greater role in the enforcement of disability rights.

The Project partners