13 June: Side event to COSP - Using Social Dialogue to Advance the CRPD

UN Headquarters, New York (conference room B),
13 June 2018

We are organising a side event to the Conference of State Parties to the CRPD on the 13 June from 4:45 PM to 6 PM in New York.

The side event will focus on Social Dialogue.

Using Social Dialogue to Advance the CRPD

When: 13 June 4.45- 6PM

Where: UN Headquarters, New York (conference room B)

Captioning and American Sign Language are provided


The purpose of this event is to identify how Social Dialogue is, or could be, used to ensure the implementation of the CRPD. Social Dialogue is closely linked with States Parties Obligation to involve persons with disabilities, but also to access to employment. The event will:

  • define the role and the scope of social dialogue in relation to the rights of persons with disabilities;

  • identify the key entry points and opportunities to promote the implementation of the CRPD using social dialogue;

  • identify challenges that exist for governments and Social Partners;

  • issue recommendations on how to ensure that social dialogue becomes a vehicle for advancing the rights of persons with disabilities.


Moderator: Sandra Vermuyten, Public Service International and Bo Jansson, European Economic and Social Committee, Group II, Trade Unions


  • Yannis Vardakastanis // President European Disability Forum, President NCDP Greece, Vice-President Various Interest Groups European Economic and Social Committee
  • Jurgen Menze and Faustina Van Aperen // Disability Inclusion Officer and Senior Relations Officer Workers Activities, International Labour Organisation
  • Lauro Purcil // Chairman, Government Union for the Integration of Differently-Abled Employees – GUIDE/PSLINK, Philippines
  • Maria Zvolska // Employers group,European Economic and Social Committee; Chair of Standing Group on Disability Rights
  • Brando Benifei // Member of the European Parliament

The event is organised in cooperation with the International Labour Organization, the International Disability Alliance, Public Service International and the European Economic and Social Committee

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